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Treasure Dive

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 Goldfish posted at 2006-08-15 21:46:45Quote
This review by Goldfish is taken over from his excellent site:

Treasure Dive by the EOCommunity.

Treasure Dive was created as a birthday present for Mark Overmars and because his hobby is diving, the H Unit decided to produce a game with a diving theme.

Treasure dive is an underwater game, you swim around collecting keys to recover stolen treasure, while avoiding the various creatures of the deep, sharks, stingrays, snakes, pufferfish etc, there's even what look like goldfish swimming around, although they are not particularly dangerous.

Screenshot of the game Treasure Dive.Nice simple controls, the arrow keys control your diver and the arrow keys and return control the menu.

The graphics are the most outstanding thing about the game.
There are some very nice effects, I particularly liked the shoals of small fish and the way they moved. The way the shark speeds up if you get too close is a very nice touch and the animation of all the creatures and seaweed is very deftly done.
The movement of the diver was well thought out with a good effect as he turned around, although he was a little wooden compared to the other creatures, perhaps he was scared stiff by the close proximity of so many predators.

The music, I must admit I found rather irritating after a few levels and an on/off switch would be a good idea. The sound effects were mainly limited to a few beeps, but there were some nice dolphin and ship horn sounds thrown in to give atmosphere.

The games controls and aims are very easy to become accustomed to and the first level has a few help bubbles, it was nice to see that the help just appeared as you swam up to the bubbles and you didnt have to click on anything.

Your on screen display consists of depth and oxygen gauges, you need to keep an eye on your oxygen, as if it runs out you have to start the level again. You can replenish your air supply by either swimming to the surface, (Which also saves the game.) or swimming into one of the bubble streams coming from the sea bed, you need to swim right down to the base of the bubble stream to get a refill.

As you swim about collecting keys and finding the correct chests to open, you need to avoid various dangerous creatures, colliding with some, like the shark, will kill you instantly, but others, like the jellyfish, will only rob you of some oxygen, providing the contact is brief.
There aren't an awful lot of levels and not much in the way of surprises after the first few levels, and the last level was a big disappointment , I was expecting a monster or something, but instead the last level was one of the easist.
I also thought there might be some hidden caverns or tunnels, but I never found anything.

The presentation can't be faulted, the zip file contains a comprehensive Wordpad help file and the game also includes a custom made help file.
The title graphics are very polished and the menu is intuitive, in fact the whole game come across as being of a professional standard.

Quite an enjoyable game, very well made, with some excellent features, on the downside, it is too easy and will not have enough levels, or variety for most players.
Overall while the game will not be challenging enough for older players, they will appreciate its good looks, but younger children should find the game enchanting.

Download size 4.17Mb