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Picture, Copyright Simon Donkers 2005
Picture, Copyright Simon Donkers 2005

Blocks is a simple puzzle game I have created. I have fully commented this code so it is very easy to understand how this code works. I will no longer work on this game. I have created this game to make it publically available and people are capable of expending the game even further. Some suggestions I have received which you are free to use to make the game better:

  • Have a better animation for giving a hint to a possible move (Currently a circle is being drawn around it)
  • Give more points when you remove more blocks from the game (in obj_block at alarm 0 at line 5 you see a check to see how many blocks will be removed)
  • Nice background music, animations...
  • Better random level design. Currently all blocks are placed random and if there are more then 175 moves available at game start then the room will start, else the game will restart. Most of the times the rooms can not be finished.
  • Award the player by showing a nice background image, possibly use this as a mini game and add a clue in the background how to continue.

You are free to adjust the gmd and to make a new example out of it. However all games based upon this engine or which are using a part of this engine must clearly mention me in the credits on a well visible location as the creator of the original engine. Furthermore when you decide to make this game open source you need to add the licence agreement which comes with the game with it.

If you create a new game based upon this engine than I would like to know. I am very interested in what you can do with this engine.

Creative Commons License

Update: Now GM6 compatible and even better commented