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Bacteria 2

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Cheating only works in arcade mode. Progress of the current match is not stored when you cheat.

Type inverse
This will let you swop places with red.
Type right-click
This will enable a right click event to rotate a stone counterclockwise. The AI is not capable of doing so. Note that typing this cheat is not considered cheating, right-clicking is.


Many people want to know what they need to do to get all the unlockables. For those of you who don't want to find out for themself, read on.

Beat arcade level 10 green (and thus also 1 to 9)
Beat single player easy once
Beat arcade level 10 yellow
Beat single player normal
Beat arcade level 10 red
Beat single player hard
Beat single player easy, normal and hard each minimal 3 times
Beat 25 levels
Beat 50 levels
Beat all the above bonus levels for a super special bonus level wow