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The Incredible Machine

Picture, Copyright Simon Donkers 2005
Picture, Copyright Simon Donkers 2005
Picture, Copyright Simon Donkers 2005

This game has been created for the first official GM challenge. For this challenge it was the goal to create a game based upon a limited set of graphics and sounds without adding any additional resources. Therefore the game will not have great graphis of sounds. Within this competition I have won the 6th place

Within this game you have a new goal for every mission. Basically you must let a ball move a specific path. To do this you can place blocks in the path so the ball will bounce differently. These blocks are displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Simply drag them to the location you want them to be. Pressing the stop button while testing the level will stop the testing. Pressing the button when not testing the game will return you to the main screen. Pressing continue will bring you back to the last played level. You have the wall peace. This can be rotated so the ball can bounce of it at different angles.
Also you have a ball. Because of the round shape you can let the ball bounce of in every direction. Also this ball increases your speed slightly.


hint: the game can be finished

Special thanks to
Mark Overmars for creating the wonderful program Game Maker (
and also thanks to all the testers (Miel van de Sande, Richard ten Broek and Dylan Schouten)

This game is based upon the Incredible machine by Sierra entertainment.